Welcome Nature Lovers!!


We are Elena and Diana, a mother and a daughter from Macedonia. Even though is a small country in Europe, is very rich in plant diversity with nearly 3700 vascular plant species where many plants are used:

  • medicinally
  • for cosmetics
  • as herbal teas
  • as species
  • in liquors and bitters
  • as insecticides and fungicides
  • and in domestic cleaning products

As you see we have grown up in a beautiful environment where in our home we started to use plants as remedies. With the years we have learned and we are still learning their power and healing properties. Nature is very powerful and is offering many positive benefits to those who know how to treat her.

 Why TipTop Home Remedies???

We are very happy to see that nowadays people are constantly looking for a natural ways to heal themselves.

We want to meet many people and friends around the world who share the same passion as us.

With the crazy changes in our world, alternative medicine and holistic lifestyle is becoming more popular and for some people the only way of beating a disease or condition.

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Our Mission

To show you useful information about the powerful benefits of herbs and remedies that are found in our environment, as well as carefully selected recipes, whose effectiveness in improving a number of conditions is tested and proven by positive people’s experiences.

However, we must say to consult your doctor before taking any decision that may affect your health and before trying home remedies recipes from our page. Especially if you are suffering from a disease and receive a treatment, you should be extra cautious.

We wish you good health, good thoughts, good life and coexistence.

Elena and Diana